Light Will Overcome Darkness. Save “Azovstal”! 💔
16.05.22 “Azovstal”


‼️We have no right to forget about Azovstal. There are our people, our soldiers who still dream of such ordinary things as returning home, and hugging relatives.

Here are the words of one of them, Davyd Kasatkin:

“I hear a lot from the guys that when they come out, they will get married and have children. Apparently, these are the main plans of all those who have not yet had time to do it.
Guys who already have wives and children, when they see videos with their children, they cry and smile at the same time… It is interesting to watch this; indescribable feelings, how life flows. I’ve always been a person who sits in the corner and watches everyone from the side…
We are still full of courage and keep the defense, the defense of the whole country.
Every day the enemy tries to capture Azovstal, bombing by aircraft and artillery (everything they have). But even in the most terrible conditions, we give them a fight, and they, like cowardly dogs, run away from their positions.”


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