R.I.P. My Capt’n Abbe

Graced with the swashbuckling savvy of Errol Flynn, full of the adventuresome piracy of Black-beard, and driven by the tenacity of youthful enthusiasm exceeding Huckleberry Finn, there was sculpted a most charismatic figure of poise, intelligence and wit; a sharply chiseled judge of character, human frailties and timing perfection; a man who could intertwine fearsome gentleness, selfish generosity, indifferent compassion, honest untruthfulness, grueling tenderness and undying love, all encompassed in an abyss of human spirit; an infinite matrix, the depths of which were limitless and brimming with curious awe at every creation on this earth. Known by some as “Worry,” others as “Abbe,” still more as “Captain Smith-Jones,” and recognized by all as “Mr. Smith,” he was named Robert Latham Abernathy Smith, born in the Carolinas on May 26, 1934, to Mr. Jim Edward Smith and Mrs. Mary Daisy Starnes Smith. He was a resident of Wilmington, NC, until his passing on Wednesday, July 28, 2010. In his wake, he has left behind an elder brother, James Smith of Clinton, NC, a son, Jason Morris Smith & wife, Susan, and a grandson, Cooper Jones Smith, all of Wilmington, NC, as well as a myriad of extended family, friends and loved ones the world over. Burial at the Sea Buoy in Little River, SC, is pending.

Whether his talents took him to the upper crust of the movie industry on the west coast, or had him traveling like a breeze on the wind across the states of America, or working into the depths of the fishing industries on the Gulf Coast, throughout the Caribbean and all through the Florida Keys, or whether they afforded him the honor of induction to the status of a Living Legend on the east coast of Myrtle Beach, SC, he lived every millisecond of every inch of every mile of every hour of his life to the flavorful utmost; free-flying, free-riding, free-wheeling; as fierce and untamable as the ocean he so dearly loved.

On this course that has been set anew, hold fast, sail steady and ride ’em all the way, my Buccaneer Capt’n; a truly free spirit that whether loved or loathed, was in some fashion envied by all.

Captain Robert Latham Abernathy Smith

R.I.P. Robert Latham Abernathy Smith-V-FINAL_htm_35ad774c

05/26/1934 – 07/28/2010

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4 Responses to R.I.P. My Capt’n Abbe

  1. Olivia Sain-Sweeting (I was born Olivia Carr Smith to James A & Inez Beach Smith) says:

    Robert Latham Abernathy Smith was my Uncle. I am 56 years old and had not seen him since I was 15 or 16 years old. My father is James A Smith of Clinton NC. My Dad is 88 years old and I had been telling my husband that I would like to find my Uncle Abbe. That is how I found his obituary. Is there a way to contact my Aunt & cousins. I live in Florida but I am coming to NC for Christmas. My other Uncle’s Hoyte & Marvin have also passed so Uncle Abbe was my Dad’s last living relative other that his children & Grandchildren. Uncle Abbe was always my hero when I was a child. I would ask Dad about him but he never seemed to know where he was. What a shame that geographically they we so close for so many years. If there is a way that you can pass on my contact information I would appreciate it. My email address is above. My home phone number is 407-889-7926 & my cell number is 407-383-0249. I would appreciate a reply if you are able to pass this infomation on. Otherwise I will contnue my search for my family members. Thank you


    • blondeina says:

      I am so very sorry that my response has been so long in getting to you. I have just been released from the hospital, where I have been receiving treatment and therapy since December 2, 2010, as a result of an accident that occurred when I fell from a roof, 10 feet down onto a wooden deck. I sustained 3 broken bones in major areas; my hip, my heel and my arm, so I have just recently been released and able to get online and read your comment to the obituary I posted for Smith. I am about your age; I will be 55 this year. I have known your Uncle Abbe for about 35 years. He is the love of my life, and I am so very glad that we were able to have the time we did and that we were able to bring each other such happiness during that time. I heard Smith speak of his brother many times and so wish that I had been able to meet his family. Smith would have been really happy to have heard from you. He and Jason moved to Wilmington and Jason graduated from UNC-Wilmington. Jason is still living there with his wife, Susie, and Smith’s beloved Grandson, Cooper Jones Smith. Cooper will be turning 3 this summer, and Smith adored him. I would so love to talk with you. I am Nanci, and I was married to one of Smith’s best friends, Bootie Cranford, until Bootie died in 1990. I was left with two daughters, 3 and 4, and as Smith had lived with us on and off for decades, he became a tremendous help in raising my two daughters. Please give me a call if you receive this. I will forward a copy to your email address. I have so much I would love to talk over with you. I am excited and very anxious to meet you. I miss him so much, every day. Until later, friend ….. Nanci


      • Olivia Sain-Sweeting says:

        I am equally as sorry that it has taken me so long to reply. Not long after I posted the reply to your beautiful obituary of my Uncle Abbe my sister became critical and passed away the first of the year. I too have had alot of health problems. I hope you have mended nicely. December was a bad month and I don’t know if I received your email or not. I would very much like to meet you the next time we are up that way. Dad is now 89 and we wil most likely be moving that direction very soon. Until Later,,,,,,,regards, Olivia


      • blondeina says:

        Hello again my distant friend relation! 😉 I haven’t been online for many months and have only recently returned to cyberspace. While surfing the internet and viewing various personal sites, I came across our mutual correspondence. I would just like to touch base with you to check on how all has been with you and your family. Are you still planning on moving up this way or have you already? I do so hope to be able to one day meet you and your family. I dearly miss Abbe every day of my life. I have heard so very much about his family, and even though I long ago adopted a slight “tongue and cheek” attitude at hearing most of Abbe’s stories, I would certainly consider it a privilege to be able to meet the subjects of his tales and would be honored for the opportunity to put a face on his corresponding narratives. I look forward to hearing from you soon, as I leave you with the hopes that the health and happiness of everyone in your world remain splendid, absolute and precious. Until later, best wishes to all. Nanci


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